• A letter from Elanco - Seresto Collar Concerns
    Dear Valued Customer, As you may be aware, USA Today recently released an article claiming a link between Seresto® Flea and Tick Collars and adverse events in pets, which prompted an Illinois Read more
  • Helpful ways to deal with the loss of your pet and companion.
    Coping with the Death of a Pet - Understanding Pet Loss Griefhttps://www.recover-from-grief.com/coping-with-death-of-pet.html Pet Memorials at Home: A Guide to Logistics and Legalities for Memorializing Your Petshttps://www.homeadvisor.com/r/pet-memorials/ 9 Loving Ideas to Read more
    Linda Prososki, DVM Frances Andersen, DVM Angela Witt, DVM, DACVIM Dawn Esselman, DVM February 20, 2019 Dear Friends of Metro Animal Hospital, Lately there has been a lot of discussion in the news and Read more
  • "Top 10 pet poisons"
     Common Household Poisons  • Many common food items or household products can sicken or even kill animals.  • Be aware of what substances may be toxic to your pet, and store and Read more
  • Does my indoor cat need vaccinations?
    Did you know…?Yes, indoor cats need vaccinations just like cats who also venture outdoors. While you may not think about it, our indoor ]furry friends can be exposed when a Read more
  • Re-introducing your cat to your other pets after their visit to our office.
    Why does my cat do that...?My 8-year-old cat, Shadow, is always attacked by his sister, Gadget, when we return home from the veterinarian's office. Why does Gadget do that and Read more

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